A tree named Laíns

The story of one family’s history. Both, the story and the history, have no known (yet) beginning (beyond the 1580’s, at least) and – because the future is… the future – no known end either.

A tree named Laíns
|Created and produced by Marco António
|Translated and narrated by Lucy Pepper
|Official theme music: “Fado do Sonho“ – Pensão Flor
|Additional music: Lee Rosevere| Yshwa | Matti Paalanen| Jahzzar  |Orquestra Popular de Paio Pires
|The Portuguese version of this episode can be found at “Histórias de Portugal” (narrated by Marco António)

Nuno Laíns is a sound technician and journalist… and also an avid (almost absessive) researcher when it comes to finding the roots of his family’s name: Laíns.

Some years ago, via Facebook, started a conversation thay began it all. Nuno and a distant cousin, Daniela Laíns, decided to go on an adventure and thus began a non-endind search for the ancestry of the family Laíns (it already goes back to the 1580’s) and regular family reunions with all the “cousins” (as they call themselves) who only came acquainted because of Nuno’s and Daniela’s genealogic research.

Some Laíns (or “Laínses”, as Nuno refers to them) come from other countries just for these reunions in Portugal – the gatherings happen mostly in the Fátima (Leiria) region – and there’s even a french village named Laíns, whose local Mayor already invited Nuno and all his relatives to go there once and have their reunion in Laíns, France.

Related to Nuno’s family, there are some well-known names, like Pedro Laíns (economist), Jorge Laíns (physiatrist*), Inês Laíns (scientific and medical researcher**) e Ana Laíns (singer) – with whom we also talked in an interview for this podcast.

[We thank Taverna dos Trovadores, where we interviewed Ana Laíns]

Nuno is available to talk to every Laíns out there (or anyone who can shed some – more – light on his family’s history). So here’s the link for his profile on Facebook:

* In 2016 he was elected president of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) for a two-year mandate [http://www.isprm.org/discover/presidents-cabinet/]

** An ophthalmologist already awarded twice by Harvard Medical School [http://portugalresident.com/young-portuguese-eye-doctor-receives-second-harvard-award-for-research-into-amd]

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In this episode we heard about dozens of people who for years didn’t know each other and now get together regularly and even support each other when necessary. In Portugal there are about half a million people over 65 who live alone. A statistic you can find on Pordata.pt, an amazing resource for statistics about Portuguese society.  Find out more at pordata.pt

If you have (or know of) a good – TRUE – story about Portugal that nobody else knows, tell us! We want to know! We firmly believe everybody has a story to tell!

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