From America, with love…

Not the usual kind of love story told for St. Valentine’s Day… a love story about the magic of Portugal.

Episode 14 – From America, with love… |Created and produced by Marco António
|Translated and narrated by Lucy Pepper
|Official theme music: “Fado do Sonho“ – Pensão Flor
|Additional music: Wes Martin | Lee RosevereJosh Woodward | Onda Choc | The Mendes Brothers
|The Portuguese version of this episode can be found at “Histórias de Portugal” (narrated by Marco António)

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Angela is a Portuguese-American. So is her husband, Adrian. They live in California. Adrian is first generation, his family comes from Sesimbra, a fishing village near Lisbon. Angela is third generation, but her roots remain strongly Portuguese.

Angela’s father’s family came from Terceira, one of the islands of the Azores. Her mother’s family came from Guarda, on the mainland. Both families arrived in the states in the early 1900s.

Angela’s great grandfather from the Azores went alone to America when he was 14, and went straight across country to sunny California. Her great grandfather from Guarda tried three times to get there, but the first two times, he failed to find a sponsor and had to go home. On the third trip, the captain of the shit said “you keep coming back, you must really want to be here…” and so the captain ended up sponsoring him to be able to stay in America. He started off in Rhode Island, since he already had family there, but when his wife arrived, they decided Rhode Island was too cold, and headed west.

Both families ended up in farming in California, and that is where Angela and Adrian met, a hundred years later…

Angela is also a podcaster! With her friend, food writer Maria Lawton, also a Portuguese American from the Azores, she produces Our Portuguese Table, in which they talk about everything to do with Portuguese food and being Portuguese in America, talking with luso-descendant food producers, chefs and writers, people making a mark on the Portuguese food map of America. It is a coast to coast podcast, with Angela on the west coast and Maria on the east, and is just one of the ways in which Angela helps the Portuguese of America to find each other. There is a surprising amount of Portuguese food culture in America… so, check them out for lovely warm and funny chats about the most important thing… Portuguese food!

Find the podcast on their site, or wherever you get this podcast! Just search for Our Portuguese Table.