From Portugal, STORIES OF SAUDADE and Other Things

What stories?

Real stories from and about Portugal.

They are stories about the Portuguese and about Portugal, told by the Portuguese, and by foreigners saying what they see, and they are stories that can be about humans as much as they can be about animals, things, places or feelings. At their heart, they are stories about anything and everything that make Portugal a unique place, as unique as the word “saudade”, the Portuguese word which is impossible to translate into any other language.

Every fortnight – in Portuguese and in English (if you are here reading the English version, do let your Portuguese speaking friends know that the Portuguese version of the podcast can be found here!) – STORIES OF SAUDADE and other things will be available in iTunes and will also be available here on our site.

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or just stay at home with us here at storiesofsaudade.com.

If you know a good story that few people know about which you think should be told in the podcast, talk to us, because ALL good stories deserve to be told!

The people who make this podcast:

“From Portugal, STORIES of SAUDADE and other things”  is produced by Marco António, and translated and narrated by Lucy Pepper. The official theme music for the show is “Fado do Sonho”, by Pensão Flor.