Scandalous Lisbon!

When a scandal blows up, everyone has an opinion. A good scandal always gets people interested. In this episode, we tell of several historical scandals, all in the city of Lisbon.

Episode 12 – Scandalous Lisbon!
|Created and produced by Marco António
|Translated and narrated by de Lucy Pepper
|Official theme music: “Fado do Sonho“ – Pensão Flor
|Additional music: Lee Rosevere
|The Portuguese version of this episode can be found at “Histórias de Portugal” (narrated by Marco António)

Photo: Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa

Long before the tourist filled city that it is today, Lisbon was the backdrop for a lot of history, and many stories. Some of them might make a puritan blush, revolt the most defenders of public order, provoke a sharp raise of the eyebrow in the most phlegmatic.

Lisbon City Council, through its Promotion and Communication Division has created some walking tours to tell true stories that happened in the city [much like the ghost and crime tours in cities like London and Edinburgh] which it does want the city to forget. One of these tours tells the more scandalous of those stories.

Lisboa Escandalosa” is a tour via several parts of the capital city in which, at each stop, you can hear episodes of history that caused shock, polemic and often indignation in Lisbon society, through the centuries, through the city, told by guides such as Mónica Queiroz, our interviewee.

In this episode of the Stories of Saudade, we hear of naughty nightclubs, reactionaries, a pornographer and… a nun, among other stories which have one thing in common… the scandal they produced for their times. They are just a few of the stories that can be discovered in “Lisboa Escandalosa”.

If you speak Portuguese, find out more and to discover other historic and cultural tours promoted by Lisbon City Council, by visiting or look up “Itinerários de Lisboa” in Facebook.

All tours are in this calendar*

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