Crafted Love


We went to find a story about a craftsman. We left with another story.

Episode 10 – Crafted Love
|Created and produced by Marco António
|Translated and narrated by de Lucy Pepper
|Official theme music: Fado do SonhoPensão Flor
|Additional music: Wes Martin | Lee Rosevere | Orquestra Popular de Paio Pires  | Simon Panrucker
|The Portuguese version of this episode can be found at “Histórias de Portugal
(narrated by Marco António)

Sometimes, the story we find isn’t the story we thought we were going to tell. In this case, the initial idea was to meet a craftsman from Landeira, in the district of Vendas Novas, but as soon as the interview began, we realised that the story of Laurentino Ratão, a retired mechanic who served in the Portuguese Colonial War and was a fireman for 20 years, isn’t just his story but the story of him and his wife, Delfina Gaspar.

The story begins in the headquarters of the Volunteer Fire Service in Vendas Novas, where there sits a miniature version of the same, on show in the main hall.

The replica was the work of Laurentino Ratão who, after 2010 when he retired, began his journey in crafts.

At home, he is not alone in making things and Delfina Gaspar, Laurentino’s wife, who always liked working in fabric, and who had a shop, today makes handbags and purses.

The pair met at the beginning of the 1960s. They began to date, as was normal back then, “at the window”.

But Laurentino had to go to war. He left on the Vera Cruz and spent 26 months in Angola as an army mechanic.

During that whole time, Laurentino and Delfina communicated by letter – three letters each way every week, circulating between Portugal and Angola.

(Find out what happened to the letters at the end of the episode.)

When Laurentino got home, they go married. That was 50 years ago.

In 2015 they were on the programme “A Tarde é Sua”, on TVI.
(see here e here)

Listen to this episode to here their whole story, it’s worth it.  Listen here on the site or via your mobile podcast app of choice. .

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