Luís das Molas

Luís Rodrigues Vitorino is one of the most inventive people you could ever meet. They call him Luís das Molas (Luís of the springs) and The Engineer, despite his only having a primary education.

Episode 1 – Luís das Molas
|Created and produced by: Marco António
|Translated and narrated by: Lucy Pepper
|Official theme tune: Fado do Sonho” – Pensão Flor
|Additional music: Lee Rosevere
|The Portuguese version of this episode can be found at Histórias de Portugal

* * *

Luís Rodrigues Vitorino is 84. He has worked since he was 7. Today, although officially retired, he continues to work in the large workshop that his father founded in the 1940s, in Pêro Pinheiro, Sintra, where he repaired cars and trucks with the help of Luís and his other sons. Luís, the most talented of the family (despite only having a primary education which he completed when he was an adult) is the creative brain behind several of the machines used in the workshop, some of them big enough to be used to fix the chassis of HGV trucks.

About 50 metres from the workshop is the house where Luís Vitorino lives alone. He calls it his “castle”, and it does look like a castle. A house where he keeps EVERYTHING that hasn’t a use anymore (but which might be useful one day for an invention) where he also saves ALL the water he can (he has created a system that collects rain water and sends it to three tanks which means he’ll never run out of water, and always thinks up new projects just to exercise his mind.

But what jumps out at whoever drives past Pêro Pinheiro is the open air “museum” between the workshop “Amadeu das Molas” and Luís Vitorino’s house.

What caught our attention also caught the Portuguese-French musician Johnny’s attention.

Now, you just need to see it all moving! 🙂

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If you want to know more about “Amadeu das Molas” (Amadeu Vitorino e Fillhos, Lda.) here is the company website: